Founded in 1969

Marketing Méditerranée is the most rewarded student consulting firm in France and in Europe. We help large companies, SMEs, public institutions and entrepreneurs reach their ambitions of development. 

Thanks to our innovative way to solve problems, Marketing Méditerranée  has already helped more than 2,000 clients, large companies, international companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs and public institutions since 1969.

Together, towards more performance

97% customer satisfaction in 2019,

3,300 students can be mobilized across all Kedge Business School campuses,

€ 300,000 turnover in 2019,

70 studies completed in 2019,

Since 2001, Marketing Méditerranée has been making its processes evolve with AFAQ.


Our methodology to answer your problem

Marketing Méditerranée creates a tailor-made methodology to answer your project.

1. Making contact

A consultant will call you back within 24 hours in order to understand your problem, your expectations and your requirements. We can organize a meeting or a phone call.

2. Proposal

Our consultant will submit a proposal within 5 working days presenting a methodology, a budget and deadlines adapted to your request.

3. First step: scope of the study

Research information to define the scope of the study.

Our consultants will gather information needed to define the scope of the study

4. Second step: collect data

Our consultants will collect data to answer your project.

5. Last step: analysis and recommendations

This data will be analyzed in order to provide the best solution to your needs.

ISO 9001 Certification

July, 2020

Marketing Méditerranée is proud to announce that AFNOR Cerfication Group has decided to maintain our ISO 9001 Certification (2015 version). This certification shows how our quality management system is well handled and how it enables us to satisfy our clients.

Answering our clients’ needs is our goal, satisfying them is a daily priority.

Interview on Campus Channel

December, 2019

Marketing Méditerranée was present at Campus Channel to present our Junior-Enterprise. 

Thanks a lot to Campus Channel for this opportunity. 

Discover our last projects on the video.

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Marketing Méditerranée realizes full and efficient work. Marketing Méditerranée is able to go everywhere in Europe.

We have more than 200 junior company partnerships.

We have more than 200 junior company partnerships, Marketing Méditerranée could help you collect data everywhere in France by mobilizing junior consultants in more than 70 cities.

Since 2004, Marketing Méditerranée develops its international network to answer increasing clients’ needs to solve implementation issues and to expand to international markets.

Year after year, thanks to its experience, Marketing Méditerranée  strives to expand its scope of influence at the international scale, while maintaining its regional roots.

Thanks to these efforts, Jade awarded the Most International Junior Enterprise Prize to Marketing Méditerranée at the European Parliament in 2008, 2012 and 2013. Marketing Méditerranée also won the “European Junior Enterprise of the Year Award” in 2015.

Marketing Méditerranée
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