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Marketing Méditerranée  is used to leading studies to help clients increase their market share.


You want to develop an innovative project? Propose a disruptive concept not available yet on the market? Marketing Méditerranée will help you evaluate the potential of your project.

To make it, a survey will be carried out to professionals in the sector in order to understand precise market needs and to know if your project matches them.

Marketing Méditerranée  has carried out a study for Haribo to define consumers’ expectations about appearance and taste of their products in France , Italy, Spain and Belgium.

The results of our study led to the launch of a new product that includes differences by country in order to match with consumers’ expectations.


Today, collecting data is not a problem anymore. The real challenge is to analyze and implement a strategy that can drive growth and performance.

Setting strategic objectives, tactics, operational actions, indicators allows you to evolve in the short term as well as in the long term in a competitive market.

Marketing Méditerranée  helped an insurance company named Assurant to perform an internal audit.  Key actors were interviewed, and we analyzed how the company was working.

Our results made it possible to draft an action plan with indicators for each department with short and long term objectives.


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