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Marketing Méditerranée helps you to make known your commercial offer, your products and services.


To help you create or redesign your product communication, Marketing Méditerranée  will first analyze your value proposition.

First, we will study your positioning. Then, we will help you implement your commercial offer by an innovative communication strategy. That strategy will be adequate with your positioning.

We can also implement a communication strategy and define actions with performance indicators to answer your development problem.

Marketing Méditerranée created a communication media for Breathe Up. Breathe is a start-up that created an application and a sensor allowing to have information on the quality of the air.

Our results enabled them to define a clear positioning on the market, to realize the sensor’s design, to define a precise communication plan which ended with the presentation of their product at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.


Marketing Méditerranée helps you to define the best way to exchange with our customers. 

Create branding, storytelling to create an identity, a history creates a community for your brand and boost the loyalty of your customers. 

Marketing Méditerranée realized graphic identities of many customers such as Maison Doussière, Junior Centrale Supélec, breathe up. We helped each one of our clients todefine an optimal corporate communication.


Marketing Méditerranée helps you test and evaluate the relevance of your advertising messages. We can carry out an image and notoriety study of your brand before, during and after the diffusion of your advertising message

Marketing Méditerranée helped Puyricard, a chocolate brand to conduct a quantitative study to define an adequate communication strategy.

Our results made it possible to establish a communication plan adapted to their targeted potential customers.

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