Marketing Méditerranée is the only junior enterprise in France with a design service.

Marketing Méditerranée is junior-enterprise that is focused on its ecosystem. Marketing Méditerranée has helped clients thanks to design for 10 years now.

Design is the concrete representation of an idea, a thought or a concept. It combines product design, graphic design and space design. We master those disciplines.


What does design bring you?

1 %
of consumers

consider visual appearance as the key element during a purchase decision.

1 %

claim to have increased their sales and increased customer satisfaction thanks to better design.


Our methodology


Création of logotype, roll-up, communication support, etc.


We put the shapes and gives life to all your ideas.


Space facilities, urbain, scenography, etc.


Our methodology

Make appointments with you and draft specifications

Study and analysis of the project sector as well as trends. Conduct research tracks (three to five proposals) by our designers

The client will have the opportunity to choose or mix proposals to be the closest to his expectations

Following the changes made by the designers, an appointment will be made to create the final design

Final deliverable and return to the customer


Our strengths

Our designers

Our designers went through a selective recruitment process. They are creative and professional in order to help you with your projects. Young and innovative, our designers do not hesitate to propose new ideas. They will help you realize your projects through sketches and templates designed to meet your expectations.

Our training

All our designers are students at Kedge Design School in Toulon. For each of their creations, professionals and alumni specialized in graphic design, space design and product design help them.


Our alumni

Marketing Méditerranée also relies on the expertise of its alumni and calls on the Andréa Saignes Agency to check the quality of each of its reports.

Design is a field where the vision of what’s beautiful is essential. Our designers are also aware that quality and innovation must be the center of it all. Design is transmitted and learned with passion. "

Andréa Saignes, Creator of a design agency.

Marketing Méditerranée
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