What is the market?

Our experience in graphic design allowed us to improve our methodology. We have a proven intervention in communication studies.

Our designers have a real expertise in communication media and graphic design.

For all graphic design needs, our team of designers will offer you at least 3 possible alternatives to help you define your project and guide you to the graphic elements that best meet your expectations and your objectives.

The added value of graphic design

Graphics allows you to visualize the values of your business,

Professional communication will give your consumers more confidence

Customers always rely on the first impression. Your communication is the main interface between you and your customers

An image is 40% more read, understood and retained than text.


Creation of logotype roll-up, communication support , web design, etc.

Marketing Méditerranée recently carried out a communication study.

Our client had just developed a new product and wanted to market it quickly. The company wanted to present its product at a trade fairsand set up a digital communication.

  • Define the positioning of the product,

  • Perform an analysis of existing ones,

  • Create communication media,

  • Design communication media for a trade fair

  • Set up a digital communication.

We first analyzed the competition with a benchmark to define the positioning of our client’s product.

Then we designed a logo and a graphic chart for our client’s new product.

We created all the essential communication media for sales: purchaseing order, user guide, product sheets, weft for sales proposals.

Marketing Méditerranée then helped its client during a trade fair and made all the necessary communication media, such as kakemono, business cards, triptych and teaser video.

Finally, Marketing Méditerranée helped its client make an SEO-optimized website to ensure optimal communication.

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