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Since its creation, Marketing Méditerranée has worked with many major national players in health such as Sanofi, the French red cross or the French blood establishment.

Marketing Méditerranée has also helped local businesses and SMEs such as Tintéo.

Key figures and trends in the sector

1 %

Of French gross domestic product.

1 th rank

For France  among the OECD countries.

Forecasts: + 4.5% growth in 2020 and + 2.0% growth in 2019 for the pharmaceutical industry.

Today we are witnessing a change in health. The emergence of e-health, the aging of the population, changing lifestyles, rising health costs, the development of outpatient medicine isare leading companies in that sector to constantly innovate and rethink.

Marketing Méditerranée has supported a medical establishment in its marketing strategy.

  • Evaluate the reputation of the establishment,
  • Analyze spontaneous, assisted, qualified reputation,
  • Develop a short and long term marketing strategy.

Marketing Méditerranée conducted a quantitative study to evaluate the image and the reputation of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region medical establishment. Then, we developed a two-year communication plan with operational recommendations to be set up.

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