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Since its creation, Marketing Méditerranée has worked with many major national players in the high-tech sector such as Microsoft or Nokia.

We also helped to contribute to the development of high tech at a local scale : we helped start-ups such as my-residence or Swapster.

Key figures and trends in the sector

1 %

of the French industry is dedicated to High-tech.

1 %

Companies are SMEs.

1 M.

Visits to google per month in France.

New technologies continue to grow in France. New revolutions have begun and especially around blockchain.

A total of $ 1.5 billion have been invested in blockchain in 2018, which is double the amount of 2017 investments.

Marketing Méditerranée conducted a development study with a promising start-up that created a crowdfunding platform.

  • Increase the number of companies registered on the site.

  • Increase interactions on the website.

  • Realize effective communication.

Marketing Méditerranée produced a communication plan over two years. Communication media for sales forces were produced and distributed to targeted profiles.

Finally, Marketing Méditerranée produced an analysis report on the website to improve SEO and increase customers’ recommendations and traffic.

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