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Marketing Méditerranée  regularly conducts studies that aims to help its clients toimprove their processes.


Marketing Méditerranée has already carried out numerous sales audits to support its clients in their continuous improvement.

Marketing Méditerranée has carried out a study in communication strategy.

Our designers worked on communication medias. Those mediums helped sales representatives become more efficient. 

At the same time, Marketing Méditerranée created a new website. We also made a report to optimize SEO in order to improve digital sales.


Marketing Méditerranée  helps you to recruit by implementing a communication plan for your employer brand in France  and in Europe.

Thanks to our junior enterprise’s network, Marketing Méditerranée is able to easily communicate about your company within major universities, engineering and business schools.

Marketing Méditerranée  helps you to understand candidates’ expectations and offers you operational recommendations to improve your employer brand.

Marketing Méditerranée  helped orange make list of all the training employees needed.

We built an analysis report and made strategic recommendations on human resources management and training needs for each department to improve the employer brand.


Competition in your market requires you to innovate? To constantly rethink your operations in order to provide a relevant response to the market?

Marketing Méditerranée consultants are students at kedge business school (top 10 French business schools). We are helped by professors, researchers and alumni. The consultants on your project will offer you a disruptive and innovative vision. They will make you think “out of the box” including operational and actionable recommendations.

Marketing Méditerranée  helped a researcher realize her thesis for the Ministry of Health.

Recently, Europe has blamed France  for offering no social inclusion. The goal of our client’s thesis was to make an assessment of all actions carried out in France  to fight against discrimination and social exclusion.

Marketing Méditerranée  made operational and innovative recommendations to improve social inclusion in France .

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