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Since its creation, Marketing Méditerranée worked with many major national players in the heavy industry such as Lafarge, Total or Alstom.

Key figures and trends in the sector

1 %

of French gross domestic product.



Forecasts: + 1.8% growth in 2018 and + 1.5% growth in 2019 for the manufacturing industry.

Rising commodity prices, especially oil and metals, have influenced companies’ benefits. But the recovery of this sector has not stopped. Growth is supported by transport equipment industry and construction and public works segment. Thanks to that, the demand in plastics and steel has increased.

Downside risks could come from uncertainties related to the Brexit or a potential trade war with the united states that will result in a drop in foreign demand.

Since its creation, Marketing Méditerranée has worked with many major national players in the industrial sector such as Lafarge, Total or Alstom.

  • Identify growth opportunities in the airport sector.

  • Understand the value chain governing national and international airports

  • Identify market players and especially suppliers.

Marketing Méditerranée has conducted extensive research on that sector and interviewed key players. Our study led to a documentary report on how airport networks work in France and overseas. This document report also identifies the main market players with operational recommendations.

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