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Since its creation, Marketing Méditerranée has helped major national players in the agri-food sector such as Lactalis, Danone and Casino.

Marketing Méditerranée has also contributed to the development of the local agro-food industry: we helped SMEs from the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region.

Key figures and trends in the sector

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French industry sector.

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Companies are SMES.

Forecasts: -1,8% growth in 2020 and + 1.5% growth in 2021 for the food industries industry.

Innovation in this sector is now contributing to the development of a cleaner and more competitive agriculture concerned with sustainable development.

Nevertheless, the European competition (Spanish and Italian) will be more and more intense in the domestic and international market.

As for beverages, the activity will be better oriented, especially in wines and spirits (extension of future exploited surfaces, ramping capacity investments), but also on some niche sectors that are growing in strength (whiskey and beer in mind).

Marketing Méditerranée conducted an implementation study for the casino group.

  • Determine local supermarket customers’ expectations,

  • Define relevant next casino store implementation,

  • Understand consumers’ consumption habits near the chosen places.

We did a mapping of the competition and supermarkets on the defined scope. We then determined the best locations for future Casinos.

Marketing Méditerranée carried out a large-scale quantitative study to understand consumers’ expectations of local supermarkets.

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