Our expertises

Our goal is to offer you the best support possible to solve your problem.

Marketing Méditerranée has been offering expertise in design for 10 years now in order to help you in your sales and communication strategy.

Our strengths in design Nos points forts dans le design :

Our designers

are students at Kedge Design School.

Our designers

went through a tough and complete recruitment process. They are a source of innovative proposals because they are trained for that.

For each of their creation

Our designers are helped by professionals and alumni who are specialized in graphic design, space design and product design.

Aware of social and environmental issues, Marketing Méditerranée created Marketing Méditerranée Environment to offer new services focused on corporate social responsibility.

Every year, Marketing Méditerranée carries out carbon audits and CSR barometers for all types of companies.

Our strengths in Corporate Social Responsibility:

A clear strategy

Validated by certified processes and recognized experience.

A supporting service

Kedge Business School supports our dynamic since the school has a focus on training CSR-aware managers. We carried out a carbon audit for them.

Marketing Méditerranée
Domaine de Luminy, Rue Antoine Bourdelle, 13 288 Marseille

Contact us: +33 (0)4 91 17 42 90
Write to us: info@market-med.com

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Monday – Friday : 8am – 8pm



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