51 years and our history continues ...


We are the new generation of Marketing Méditerranée. Our wish is to offer you the best service possible and to meet your needs and exceed our alumni.

2020 •

Current team

The current team has more than 51 years of experience thanks to a proven handover system. The team has received a 1-year internal training program. They also received external training that is provided by our partners.

Marketing Méditerranée in figures :

  • 300,000 euros of turnover in 2019
  • 97% of satisfied customers
  • 3,000 studies since its creation
2015 •

Junior-Enterprise of the year

2013 •

97% customers satisfied

The customer relationship is at the heart of the concerns of marketing Méditerranée . To do this, our junior enterprise has implemented customer monitoring processes such as the salesforce customer relationship management software. Availability and responsiveness are two values ​​that Marketing Méditerranée applies on a daily basis to best meet the needs of its customers.

2009 •

Marketing Méditerranée wins its 5th Excellent Award.

Meilleure Junior Entreprise d’Europe

Marketing Méditerranée offers its services to major accounts, SMEs, public administrations and entrepreneurs in France  and abroad. Every year, the number of companies that rely on Marketing Méditerranée increases thanks to a recognized professionalism, responsiveness and sense of quality. This performance was rewarded in 2009 with the “most successful junior enterprise in Europe” award at an event organized by JADE (junior association for development in europe).

Creation of Marketing Méditerranée Toulon

In recent years, with the advent of information and communication technologies and cutting-edge fields in the industry, companies have had to adapt. Marketing Méditerranée quickly understood these issues and decided to partner with Kedge Design School. Marketing Méditerranée Toulon aims to provide design expertise and business engineering.


2007 •

Entrepreneur Label

Marketing Méditerranée encourages entrepreneurs in their projects. In 2007, the association received the entrepreneur label by the CNJE (national confederation of junior Enterprise), EY, Alter and Bnp Paribas for adopting the best approach towards entrepreneurs.

2002 •

Marketing Méditerranée wins its 3rd Excellence Award

ISO 9001 Certification

Marketing Méditerranée is very attached to quality in the studies we carry out and give a great importance to a rigorous internal management process. Thus, in 2009, the association received the ISO 9001 certification by the AFNOR (French association of standardization), a standard recognized internationally, a guarantee of this quality.

1998 •

1st Excellence Award

In 1998, Marketing Méditerranée won the first of its 5 Excellent Awards, launching the start of its list of winnings, making it the most awarded Junior Enterprise in France and Europe. Each year, EY, ALTEN, BNP Paribas and ENGIE are the ones who reward the best junior enterprises in France. Marketing Méditerranée won this award on four other occasions, in 1999, 2002, 2004 and 2009.

• 2016

Commercial Label

• 2014

Most Socially Responsible Junior-Enterprise in Europe

Marketing Méditerranée has been aware of CSR issues very early and pays particular attention to it. Every year, Marketing Méditerranée carries out carbon audits and CSR barometers for various companies. Thanks to those efforts, Marketing Méditerranée won in 2014 the European prize, awarded by JADE (junior association for development in Europe) for the junior enterprise whose CSR policy is the most committed.

• 2010

Sustainable junior challenge

Since 2008, Marketing Méditerranée has been working on developing and improving its csr (corporate social responsibility) policy. It is in this context that the junior-enterprise won in 2010 the prize rewarding the best CSR policy inside a junior-enterprise structure.

• 2008

Marketing Méditerranée Environnement et Marketing & Engeneering

Marketing Méditerrannée environment and marketing & engineering

Aware of the social and environmental issues, Marketing Méditerranée creates the brand Méditerranée Méditerranée  environnement in order to offer new services focused on csr. 2008 also symbolizes the merger with j2s, centrale-supélec’s junior-entreprise. Two of the best junior-enterprises in France are joining forces to create marketing & engineering. A unique structure in France  that offers services combining business and engineering skills.


Marketing Méditerranée has numerous partnerships with junior businesses in brazil, italy and the united kingdom. Each year, Marketing Méditerranée conducts a number of studies abroad and has been awarded two other awards in 2012 and 2013 by obtaining the “most international junior enterprise award” and in 2015 the “best junior enterprise of the year” award. Awarded by microsoft, ey, bayer, unido, entex and jade (junior association for development in europe) to the European parliament in brussels.

• 2004

Marketing Méditerranée wins its 4rd Excellence Award

• 1999

Marketing Méditerranée wins its 2rd Excellence Award


Fondation of Méditerranée Marketing.

Among the precursors of the movement, Mr. Hervé Stalla-Bourdillon decided to give birth to the junior-enterprise of Sup de co Marseille under the name Marketing Méditerranée

Proud to be one of the first junior-enterprises in France, Marketing Méditerranée has been supporting companies in France  and abroad for almost 50 years.

Our awards & rewards

Prize of excellence







Commercial label





Jade award

2015 : Junior entreprise of the year

2014 : Most socially responsible junior entreprise in europe

2013 : Most international junior entreprise award.

2012 : Most international junior entreprise award.

2009 : Most Succesfull junior entreprise in europe award.

2008 : Most international junior entreprise award.


Marketing Méditerranée
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