What is the market ?

Our experience in product design allows us to guarantee a proven methodology and well-executed intervention in design studies.

Our designers are experts in models and 3d modeling. For all products, 3 propositions will be shown to you.

For more than 10 years, Marketing Méditerranée has been producing promotional videos and teasers in order to promote services and products for customers.

Our goal: to help you communicate in a striking way and assist you in your communication strategy.

The added value of 3d modeling

Facilitate rapid prototyping of your projects,

Visualize your product before moving onto industrialization,

Get a 360-degree preview to visualize your product from every angle,

Communicate before the launch of the industrialization in your marketing campaigns


We put the shapes and gives life to all your ideas.

Marketing Méditerranée conducted a product design study for a promising start-up, Breathe-up.

Our client developed a new concept and wanted us to realize their product’s design.

  • Get a 360-degree preview to visualize the project,

  • Create section plans of the product with different 3d formats,

  • Realize product simulation before going to the industrialization step,

  • Allow them to promote the project with 3d images,

  • Make innovative proposals.

Marketing Méditerranée carried out an analysis of what really existed and then created trend charts and drafted precise specifications according to our client’s expectations.

Then, we proposed research tracks, which allowed us to identify several different proposals, ultimately design precise 3d boards and 3d printing.

Marketing Méditerranée
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