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For over 51 years, Marketing Méditerranée has been a key economic player in Marseille.


Solidarity in this crisis as students

At Marketing Méditerranée we decided to help hospitals and compagnies in this health and economic crisis. In this article, we expand on our  actions and we are hoping others associations will be inspirated.


Marketing Méditerranée, the most awarded Junior Enterprise of Europe

Marketing Méditerranée is the Junior Enterprise of KEDGE Business School in Marseille. Junior-Entreprise the most awarded in France and Europe, she had since 1969, 16 awards given by companies such as BNP Paribas, ALTEN, EY or ENGIE.


Marketing Méditerranée, powerful junior enterprise

By creating two additional brands, geared towards sports and digital, kedge bs’s junior company in Marseille  continues to stand out from its counterparts in France  and europe. And are not ashamed by their turnover.


Marketing Méditerranée : from Marseille to CES in Las Vegas

The junior enterprise Marketing Méditerranée created all communication media and  product design for a start-up with an innovation concept. The start-up presented its concept at the consumer electronics show in 2016 in Las Vegas.



5 examples of junior-enterprises in France

Created in 1969, this junior enterprise is located on kedge business school’s Marseille campus

Marketing Méditerranée : Kedge Business School junior enterprise

Marketing Méditerranée, Junior-Entreprise de Kedge Business School

Marketing Méditerranée , junior-business of kedge business school Marseille , was elected best junior enterprise of Europe at the congress gathering all the junior entrepreneurs of Europe organized by jade, the European confederation of junior-enterprises.

l Marseille, a été élue Meilleure Junior-Entreprise d’Europe lors du congrès rassemblant tous les Junior-Entrepreneurs d’Europe organisé par JADE, la confédération européenne des Junior-Entreprises. 

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