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Since its creation, Marketing Méditerranée has worked with many major national players in tourism such as UCPA, cruise lines and MuCem.

Marketing Méditerranée has also helped local businesses and SMEs such as Sail Eazy.


Key figures and trends in the sector

1 %

of French gross domestic product.

1 Million

Foreigners visited France in 2018.

Tourists’ expectations have continued to evolve in recent years. Demand for personalization and customer experience has increased. Tourism stakeholders must differentiate themselves more and more in order to offer something unique to their customers and adapt to new trends.

Marketing Méditerranée regularly conducts studies to analyze brand image and reputation for tourist establishments. The goal is to improve their communication with customers.

Recently, we conducted a study to help our client buy a three-star hotel and upgrade it to a four-star hotel.

  • Understand the market

  • Evaluate feasibility and profitability of the project.

  • Write a business model and a business plan.

  • Produce financial documents over four years.

We started with important research on the 3 and 4 star hotel. We studied at the same time hotel park and competition in the region. We evaluated trends in the hotel market in France and in the chosen region.

Then, Marketing Méditerranée wrote a first documentary report on the high-end hotel business opportunities in the chosen region.

After studying profitability and feasibility of the project, Marketing Méditerranée produced a business model and the 3-year forecasting documents for the business plan.

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