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Since its creation, Marketing Méditerranée has worked with many major national players in transport and logistics such as IDBUS, Aéroports de Marseille  and RTM.

Marketing Méditerranée has also helped local industries and SMEs such as Teedji.


Industry trends

Transportation and logistics are constantly adapting, in response to globalization, the rise of emerging countries, the development of new technologies and the explosion of e-commerce. Several segments have been disrupted recently: uberization has competed with traditional modes of transportation and has brought new players to the market. Railway companies, airlines and other integrate more innovation in their services. Another challenge that transportation and logistics are facing is eco-mobility.

Marketing Méditerranée carried out a study to analyze the use of several bus lines.

  • Determine the flow of users.

  • Improve logistics and bus schedules.

We studied customer data to determine peak hours. The engorged stations have been identified. Then Marketing Méditerranée made several operational recommendations.

Our analysis report and action plan allowed a reorganization of buses schedules, an optimization of the costs and expenses for our client as well as the improvement of the service for their users.

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