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For 51 years, Marketing Méditerranée has been helping its clients to develop the project.

For 51 years, Marketing Méditerranée  helpshas been helping large companies, public institutions and entrepreneurs in their projects: market study, competitive analysis, performance diagnostis, market positioning, communication plan, process improvement.

We will help you solve your problems thanks to adapted solutions based on proven or innovative methodologies.

Our strengths:

To answer your problem, Marketing Méditerranée  relies on an experience of more than 51 years. We do not hesitate to call on professors and teacher-researchers from Kedge Business School as well as alumni of our structure working in your industry.


Our consultants are all students at Kedge Business School (part of the Top 8 French business schools).

We constantly develop our consultants’ skills to offer you the best support possible in your projects. Our consultants are:

  • Available: each project is followed by one or two consultants available over extended time slots to keep in touch and monitor progress.


  • Motivated by the success of projects: we help you identify your needs and find the best solutions. We offer you adapted methodologies to your needs.


  • Used to qualitative and quantitative analytics: your consultants all complete between 1 and 8 projects before being in charge of yours.


  • Informed on new technologies and recent marketing approaches: kedge business school’s research-professors and the monitoring work carried out by Marketing Méditerranée  provide access to updated data


  • Trained by research professors and professional consultants, former Marketing Méditerranée  consultants.

Our methodology to solve your problem

Marketing Méditerranée  creates a specific methodology to lead each project.

1. Making contact

A consultant will call you back within 24 hours in order to understand your problem, your expectations and your requirements. We can organize a meeting or a phone call.

2. Proposal

Our consultant will submit a proposal within 5 working days presenting a methodology, a budget and deadlines adapted to your request.

3. First step: scope of the study

Research information to define the scope of the study.

Our consultants will gather information needed to define the scope of the study

4. Second step: collect data

Our consultants will collect data to answer your project.

5. Last step: analysis and recommendations

This data will be analyzed in order to provide the best solution to your needs.


A certified junior enterprise

The ISO 9001 standard (certification) distinguishes organizations that have implemented an effective and adequate quality management system.

This certification demonstrates our ability to handle our quality management system to satisfy the clients we help.

Our ability to deliver quality services and our commitment to continuous improvement reflect our values.

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